The dashboard is the main screen that will display when you log in as an admin.  

  • New Orders - Total number of orders that are have the status as new.. Example this could be an order that you has been taken that you have all the information for but do not have confirmed date from the client yet.
  • Assigned Orders - This will show the total number of orders that have been assigned to photographers, and have not been accepted or declined.
  • Accepted Orders - The total number of orders currently accepted by photographers
  • Declined Orders - Shows at a quick glance if any orders have been declined
  • Total Customers - The total number of customers in your account
  • Todays Work Orders - Easy access the current days work orders
  • Review Pending Orders - Lists the orders that editors have completed and have a status of pending admin review, Any easy way to identify work completed by editors
  • Approved Orders - Shows any order with a status of Approved. If you have someone reviewing the quality from the editors, they can download the edited files, review them, and then upload them to the finals tab.  Once they do this they can then status the order as approved.  The next person then knows that the order has passed quality control and is ready for building virtual tours or sending the final images out to the client.